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Condo Loco

Initially designed to interlock with a project by Jason Surkan.


An experimental condominium utilizing skip-step design to provide habitants views towards the interior plaza and the street front, clad with a intelligent façade system.


     Vanier lacks a core, a sort of hub for the community. The commercial strip lacks a particular solidity that other urban centres in Ottawa possess, like masses of ice split from an arctic sheet. If we catalyse growth in the core of Vanier, we will create a ripple effect and generate more interest in developing / residing in the neighbourhood.


The angular form of the building drives attention through the underused Dupuis Road into an internal plaza. Residential ‘skip-step’ units pass over and underneath the six storey building’s two circulation corridors, providing inhabitants views toward the southern sunlit interior public plaza and the northern cascading semi translucent façade. The decadent street side brings attention to the core of Vanier and the plaza provides the opportunity to retain it.


This is a ‘flagship’ project investigating the potential of architectural form as a petri dish for urban culture and development with the intention of rekindling Vanier’s housing market.


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