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The Gossipping Towers

in collaboration with Shawn Duke


An urbanism project featuring 14 skyscrapers, an arena, commercial district and a city-wide air tram network in the city of Ottawa


 Cover Feature of the September 2016 issue of ARCHITECT MAGAZINE

Winner of the Studio Prize, 2016: Click Here to read the full digital magazine.


        The Gossipping Towers project is a prototypical gateway rooted in Vanier’s core, conceived to sprawl across the city of Ottawa and Hull via air transit. Expo architecture reigns within the urban hub, with speculative towers describing modern ideas in the urban context. The hub’s many attractions include a revitalized Senator’s Arena, a commercial district, and the sustainable Hanging Gardens and Algae Bio-Reactor towers. The tallest of the projects, the Gateway Towers, boldly proclaims the grand project’s Constructivist ideals; the project is designed to demonstrate to developers the potential to use the tramline’s existing pylon structures as frameworks for condominium development. Development is spurred by developer funding and the relationship between transit and density reaches a merry equilibrium. The English and Francophone downtown cores are connected across the Ottawa River and subsequently our underdeveloped Vanier becomes the centre stage.


Produced for Professor R. Connah's 4th year studio at Carleton University.

Published in "Ottawa: You're So Vanier", March 2016.


Architect Magazine, Sept. 2016 | Shawn Duke's Portfolio | "Ottawa: You're So Vanier" on ISSUU

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