Tyson Moll Programming & Design - Toronto, 0N CANADA
Pulp Digital Bookstore


More a walk-in catalogue and lounge than a conformative Indigo warehouse, the Pulp Digital Bookstore re-imagines the traditional pulp storefront for one more in touch with the millennial fantasy.

Amorphous and futuristic, the pop-up Pulp Digital Bookstore anticipates the rise of the digital lifestyle. e-catalogues provide customers with unlimited options in product fulfilment with product samples lining the organic, paper-mache shelving. Light streams through the ceiling via the portcullis between the two floors and sinuous brickwork bridges the gap between the aquatic shell of the store and the concrete & cork flooring. Despite the irony in promoting itself as a tactile experience for the digital millenia, Pulp is a project aiming to draw customers out of the AmazonĀ® and into a bizarre and wondrous reality waiting beyond their doorstep.

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