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Tidal Center



Adaptable architecture:

a community centre designed to adjust with the rising sea level. Features a gym, library, classroom,

rowing club and  café


Our global climate is changing.


On January 30th, 2015, President Obama issued an Executive Order  to establish a Flood Risk Management Standard. Within one hundred years, scientists predict that the sea level will rise approximately 1.3m, or potentially to a maximum of 5m within a century’s time. In addition to the threat of New York’s 100-year flood, Brooklyn’s waterfront is endangered: the ocean will inevitably reclaim its previously landfilled coastline.


New York needs responsible design.

Can we truly consider a place home when it will inevitably sink beneath the tides?


Built for the present day and the coming future, the Tidal Center adapts with the rising tide. Inspired by Dumbo’s history as an industrial sector, the Center’s warehouse architecture is designed to be open concept and flexibly change with flood conditions.


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